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I'm a Forbes guest entrepreneur dedicated to bringing happiness back to people’s lives across the northeastern United States by bringing my skills to those in need.

October 2022

Beyond the joy of supporting so many young students and entrepreneurs, I am extremely grateful for how much I've been able to mentor others that are going through a similar path as i did when i was young. 

I tell them that success doesn’t come overnight, and it surely doesn’t come easy.

You have to put your faith in God and himself. I knew the failure streak would end one day, so I started working on myself and my mind.  I'm happy to mentor as many people to teach them what i learned in my journey.


  • Ask god for help everyday. Remember this quote always "“Ask, and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

  • You can’t just have a dream of a better life and better tomorrow. You must hold on to it and commit yourself completely to bring it to life. Success comes only to those who can persist throughout all challenges that life and God present.

  • Don't take the easy way out. Life is just a test and god tests you more the stronger you are.

I am dedicating my skills and my life to helping those in need one patient at a time and mentoring the youth. Take a deeper dive into my mind here

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